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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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sweet rain movie (단비무비) is an independent film released in 2021 that tells the story of a new woman named Danbi who travels to New York City to wait college and pursue her dreams. The film follows her journey as she navigates life in the town, relates to cultural differences, and discovers new facets of herself across the way. It's an inspiring and heartwarming story that may make you feeling uplifted. Let's take a deeper understand this ground-breaking movie.

The Creative Vision Behind Danbimovie

Danbimovie was written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Minjin Kim and co-written by Minjin's partner, Yohan Lee. The 2 filmmakers wanted to share with an original, personal story in regards to a young woman's experience in New York City, but from a Korean American perspective. As Minjin noted in an interview with Variety magazine, “I wanted to be sure that this was not only another generic love story emerge New York City; I wanted it to be something honest and authentic, something that could really speak to those who have experienced similar situations.”

The effect is a clever exploration of identity and belonging that resonates with viewers regardless of the background or culture. The film paints a vivid picture of what it methods to engage in both Korean culture and American culture while also trying to find out your place in the world. It's an emotionally powerful experience which will make you feeling inspired and hopeful about your personal future.

Casting for Danbimovie

The cast for Danbimovie is comprised entirely of Asian actors including lead actress Bora Park, who plays the role of Danbi. Other notable cast members include Ji Eun Kim as Danbi's companion Sunmi, Yeonwoo Jung as Sunmi's boyfriend David, and Wonju Lee as David's mother Martha Park. Each actor brings their particular unique energy for their roles while also serving as a representation of Asian Americans on screen – something which includes been sorely without Hollywood films until recently.


Danbimovie is a beautiful exploration of identity, belongingness, and self-discovery told through the lens of Asian American culture. Written and directed by visionary filmmakers Minjin Kim and Yohan Lee, this poignant movie will leave you feeling inspired about your own journey through life – no real matter what background or culture you come from. By having an incredibly talented cast bringing these characters to life onscreen, Danbimovie is one movie you won't wish to miss!

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